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River or Event:   West Branch DuPage
Location:   Naperville
Start Date:   April 24, 2021
End Date:   April 24, 2021
Trip Leader's Name:   R. G. Ziemer
Trip Level:   Advanced Beginner
Weather:   Fair
Water Level:   low
Cubic Feet per Second:   120
Gauge Name:   Naperville
Trip Distance (miles):   7
Number of Watercraft:   8
Number of People:   8
Put in Location:    "Three Diamonds" Will-o-way Commons access from Stauffer and Hidden Springs, North Naperville (near Ogden and River Rd.
Take out Location:    South on Stauffer to Jefferson, east to Washington St., go south to Ring Rd. and Knoch Knolls to the Knoch Knolls Park on left.
Round trip carshift time (min):   30 "
Report:    Low water a factor, but we still made good time in spite of slack current -- and we weren't in any particular hurry! Most avoided getting hung up throughout the day. Lunch at Pioneer Park. Pretty good bird sightings including a bald eagle and double herons. Fun paddle - little challenges all day finding the deeper channels through the many riffles that mark this reach.
Report Author:   RGZ
Report creation date:   2021-04-24 20:55:01