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River or Event:   Kishwaukee - Cherry Valley to Blackhawk
Location:   Cherry Valley
Start Date:   October 19, 2022
End Date:   October 19, 2022
Trip Leader's Name:   Susan Allman
Trip Level:   Beginner
Weather:   Sunny, cold (35 degrees), breezy
Water Level:   low
Cubic Feet per Second:   430
Gauge Name:   Perryville
Time on Water:   1 hour 25 minutes
Trip Distance (miles):   5
Number of Watercraft:   6
Number of People:   6
Put in Location:    From State Street in Cherry Valley, turn onto Walnut which leads into Baumann Park.
Take out Location:    Left out of park onto Walnut. Left onto State Street. Left onto Mill Street. Left onto Perryville Road. Right onto Blackhawk Road. Cross river turn left into FP.
Round trip carshift time (min):   15 minutes
Report:    Beautiful (but cold) fall day. The bright sun made it feel warmer. Fall colors are not at peek. Some geese kept an eye on us.
Report Author:   Susan Allman
Report creation date:   2022-10-19 17:46:08